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    We work as hard as possible to send you at least one alert every month. Newsletters who are flooding your Inbox with e-mails each and every week, with multiple picks each week, have one interest and one interest only - the amount of compensation they are receiving for each pick! 

    Do you guarantee positive gains?

    Nobody can guarantee gains. And if anybody does, they are lying. When investing in stocks, there is always a minumum level of risk. Our job is to minimize this risk as mush as possible, but it can never be eliminated. However, our track record speaks for itself.

    Over the past year our alerts have combined for more than 2500% in REAL gains!

     Will this service always be free?

    Our service is only free for a limited time
    . This means that if you come back on this site at a future date, you might be asked to pay to join. If you are interested in joining the newsletter, we highly recommend that you do so now in order to take advantage of the free promotion! Todayspickis.com plans on establishing a VIP member service in late 2013.

    So if I sign up now, I will never have to pay for this subscription?

    That's correct! If you JOIN TODAY you will never be charged and we will never ask you to enter payment information. The service is and will always be 100% free for those who join during the limited time promotion.

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